Thursday, March 24, 2016


On March 8, 2016 another DWS van was spotted at the Savers store on Bowman Road in Little Rock.

The driver Glenn B. Sergeant, Sr. was seen walking to and opening the van door. As he was unlocking the door he was asked what official business he was conducting at Saver.  He refused to answer and quickly got into the vehicle.

Sergeant is a workforce investment regulation advisor.

We spoke with the Savers store manager and asked if anyone there had a meeting with anyone from DWS we were told no.  A check with store employees revealed that no one meet with or spoke to anyone from DWS.

When we asked the Department of Workforce Services what official business Sergeant was conducting at Savers, we were told that there were no records or other information to provide information as to why Sergeant was at Savers.

The reason for that response is that Sergeant was not there on official business, he was goofing off and shopping at Savers.

State vehicles are only to be used for official business.

Sergeants personal use of the state vehicle violated the Arkansas state government policy regarding vehicle use and the Governor's Executive Order 10:14.

Personal use of a state vehicle can subject the employee to taxable use of a state vehicle as stated in the State of Arkansas Vehicle Use and Management Handbook, page 20, 15.0 Taxable use of a state vehicle.

Sergeant, by using the vehicle for personal use (shopping) damages the reputation of state employees and undermines the public trust in public employees and state government.